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The most suitable because of the hardness (density fiber) wood species intended for the production of the stairs is the wood of trees liściastych.Nasza company performs the following steps hardwood species: beech, jesiin oak.
Coniferous wood - larch, pine, spruce - it is not recommended for production steps due to the low density (very soft).
Exotic wood is also featured on the stairs. Species: acajou, Brazilian cedar, American cherry, merbau, iroko, jatoba, mahogany, merbau, American walnut, sapele, wenge.  
For the production steps will be selected wood of sufficient moisture (8-12%).
Wood is a hygroscopic material, which gets or puts moisture from the air - depending on the climatic conditions - until the equilibrium moisture content. There is the close relationship between the moisture content of wood and humidity, and air temperature. At an air temperature of about 20 C and relative humidity of 50% - moisture content reaches equilibrium 9%. If the humidity and / or temperature change significantly, change the equivalent moisture content of wood and wood at the same time "working". The consumption of wood moisture expands (swells), the wood moisture it shrinks.
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