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Everyone wants to have a beautiful staircase for years and is faced with the dilemma of how to choose a way of finishing. There is no golden mean, every surface becomes worn, which is reflected in the change Brktg scratches and gloss. It is therefore important to approach this choice consciously. Will there be a staircase covered olejowoskiem or varnish - each of these solutions requires proper care.
We hope that the methods described below will help you with the finishing steps choice.
           Refining oil is the oldest known method for the care and protection of the wood. Oiling allows you to preserve the natural appearance of the surface and slightly emphasizes drawing, gives a velvety smoothness and makes the wood takes on a much warmer color.
The oils used to finish wooden structures are a combination of oil and wax. Oil penetrates deep into the wood and the wax gives the surface a silky finish.
Yes treated wood for local consumption can be restored without the need for renovation of the whole. Oiled wood breathes allowing it to work in varying weather conditions. Oily surface of the stairs is a matte or gloss, there are also coloring oils. Note also that these surfaces require maintenance (oil application), depending on the degree of wear.
The most common method of protecting wood surfaces from dirt and moisture to paint. Layers of paint are impervious coating that protects the wood. A shortcoming of even the best paint is to gradually wear (after years) and damage that occur during use. Professional renovation of stairs in place of the investment is complicated. The surface of the wooden stairs are finished with high-quality polyurethane lacquers, colorless, with varying degrees of gloss imposed by spraying.
Stain the wood surface allows for coloring wood, as conceived by the users or designers of furniture. Stain does not hide the natural grain of the wood - says it now or compensates highlights differences in shades of natural wood species drewna.Każdy take the stain differently and it is a choice of color look at samples of stains.
Stained surfaces require finishing varnish.
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